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Sex Toys For Seniors

Dr. Lisa Lawless

Dr. Lisa Lawless, CEO of Holistic Wisdom
Clinical Psychotherapist: Relationship & Sexual Health Expert

Sex Toys for Seniors

What We Will Cover

Sex toys can spice up your sex life, but they can also address challenges that come with aging and improve sexual health and functioning.

In this guide, I will review sexual products that can provide increased pleasure, comfort, and in some cases, health benefits based on common challenges and sexual health concerns. So let's embark on this exciting adventure together into the realm of pleasure!

Protecting Your Health

First things first, make sure to chat with your trusted healthcare provider before embarking on using sexual products, especially if you have a health condition. It's the perfect opportunity to explore the landscape of both health and pleasure-enhancing products with a supportive practitioner who has your wellness in mind. 

We work with physicians all the time, so feel free to have them reach out to us with any questions or concerns they may have, as we are happy to educate them on what is available for their patients.

If you want suggestions on how to talk to your healthcare provider about this sensitive topic, please explore our helpful guide How To Talk To Your Doctor About Sex.

Protecting Your Relationship

Bringing sex toys into the bedroom with a partner can sometimes bring up sexual insecurities, shame, guilt, and other challenging emotions. It is essential to understand that using sex toys does not make you less of a good lover, nor will it make sexual intimacy obsolete.

As far as replacing the need for warm, human touch, these sophisticated gadgets can simply enhance the connection between lovers, like adding a little sparkle to a starlit night. So dust off those unnecessary insecurities and confidently invite our new little friends to join in our journey of exploration.

To address concerns about sex toys, please see these helpful guides to learn how to communicate sexual desires and overcome sexual challenges:

Sex Toy Safety

Now, let's address the elephant in the boudoir. Yes, indeed, certain toys out there might not have your best interests at heart. Thus, it is vital to be educated about sex toys, as many toxic sex toys on the market can cause health issues and be counterproductive to your sexual health. This is why we only carry body-safe sex toys.

This includes lubricants; those slippery sidekicks are often overlooked, but they play a critical role in your sexual health. This is why we only carry the safest and highest quality lubricants. To learn more about this, please see our guide: The Ultimate Personal Lubricant Guide.

Ensuring that you have safe sex toys is crucial for maintaining your health. Unfortunately, cheaply made sex toys contain various toxicants such as phthalates, BPA, lead, and more.

In addition, there are a lot of fear-based sex toy myths that make it quite challenging for consumers to know what is safe and what is not.

Common Sex Toy Myth Regarding Silicone

One of the most common sex toy myths is about medical-grade silicone, where many so-called sex toy experts claim that consumers should only use medical-grade silicone sex toys.

The problem with that misinformation is that sex toys are not made with medical-grade silicone, nor is it a type of silicone. Rather, it simply indicates how silicone is tested, which requires implantation and months of study.

Sex toys are not implanted, nor do they need to be tested as medical-grade products to be safe. What consumers should be looking for in silicone sex toys is how they are cured. Platinum and post-baked peroxide cured silicones are the purest silicones you can buy and are body-safe even for inserting vaginally or anally.

To learn more about silicone, please see our guide: Silicone Sex Toys: Is Yours Real & Safe?

Coalition For Safe Sex Toys

Because we value science-based sex education, we founded the National Association for the Advancement of Science & Art in Sexuality (, which is a professional organization for the entire sex toy industry.

Through it, we provide the coalition for safe and nontoxic sexual products and work with, physicians, chemists, and multiple labs to help sex toy professionals better understand these crucial health issues.

We also carry only the healthiest sex toys available and specialize in educating consumers about safe sex toys. For more information about how to determine if your sex toys are body-safe, please see our helpful guides:

Practical Tips For Buying Sex Toys

Choosing a great sex toy begins with asking yourself what your sexual goals are and what types of stimulation or sexual solutions you want. While many sex toy sellers try to dazzle you with provocative language that hypes up the sensual pleasures that a sex toy may bring.

We prefer to focus on realistic expectations so that you fully understand how a product works and what to expect before you purchase it. So forget the provocative pitches and tantalizing promises – they're fun, but let's keep it real.

After all, when you have an educated and practical understanding of a product, you will be more satisfied with the sex toys you choose based on your personal needs. Just because a sex toy has great reviews does not mean it is the right one for you or your partner. Everyone has their own sexual preferences and sexual health needs.

Below are some helpful guides on how to choose sex toys to find the best for you and/or a partner:

The Importance Of A Quality Lubricant

Many people assume that it doesn't matter what lubricant you buy; however, many commonly used lubricants contain parabens and other undesirable ingredients that may adversely impact your health.

In addition, there are the pH and osmolality factors that one must consider when choosing a quality lubricant. Many cheap lubricants sold in drugstores contain pH and osmolality levels that can be disruptive to vaginal or rectal health, which may result in increasing the risks of irritation, yeast infections, sexually transmitted diseases, bacterial infections, and may even affect the ability to become pregnant.

This is why we only carry the best lubricants available and provide helpful information regarding whether it is ideal for vaginal or anal use because the pH requirements differ.

We also provide education on what types of condoms are safe to use with them and if a lubricant is considered fertility-friendly.

To learn more about lubricants, please see our related guides:

Sexual Health Challenges

Whether one is looking to make sex more comfortable or address a physical challenge, we have a variety of guides to help you address specific concerns.

Many of our senior customers enjoy using sex toys that are hands-free to overcome mobility issues or soothe arthritis discomfort, while others enjoy using sex pillows for easing back pain or providing more comfortable sex positions.

In addition, those experiencing sexual dysfunction, chronic health conditions, and other health challenges often seek out advanced sex toys to help them continue to have sexual intimacy. No matter what sexual challenges you may be dealing with, there are often ways to make sexual intimacy more effortless and attainable.

For more information, please see our guide: Sex Toys For Health Issues.

We Care & Are Here For You

We know that choosing a sex toy can feel overwhelming, which is why we have highly educated customer service representatives available to help you choose the right products for you.

Sex is a beautiful part of the human experience, and discreetly assisting people to find sexual pleasure and health is our mission.

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