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How To Use Sex Toys Together

Dr. Lisa Lawless

Dr. Lisa Lawless, CEO of Holistic Wisdom
Clinical Psychotherapist: Relationship & Sexual Health Expert

sex toys, How To Use Sex Toys TogetherCombining Sex Toys

You may already have a sex toy but wish it had more features. The good news is that it is pretty easy to add another sex toy that you already have, which will provide you with more stimulating options. Below are some simple ways to get more creative using the sex toys you already have with some easy combinations.

Creating A Rabbit Vibrator

If you have a vibrating dildo and a vibrating penis ring, you can make a dual vibrating dildo (rabbit dildo). To learn more about penis rings, please see our Penis Rings Guide.

As you can see in the picture below, adding a vibrating ring to your vibrating dildo creates an arm that can stimulate either the clitoris if inserted vaginally or the perineum if inserted anally. If you insert a dildo anally, make sure it is anal safe. See our How To Use Anal Toys Guide for more information.

Combining Sex Toys DiagramAdd An Attachment To Your Wand

If you have a body massager (wand vibrator) that provides you with clitoral and all-over body stimulation, you may consider a body-safe attachment that can create a dual vibrating rabbit vibrator. This can stimulate the G-spot and the clitoris simultaneously, where the attachment is inserted into the vagina and stimulates the G-spot, and the head of the wand stimulates the clitoris. This can also be used anally if made with non-porous silicone where the attachment can stimulate the prostate, and the head stimulates the perineum. For more information, see our guide on Body Massage Wands or explore our wand vibrators and wand attachments.

Combining Sex Toys DiagramCreating A Triple Vibrator

There are two ways to create a triple stimulating sex toy. The first is to take a dildo and combine it with a ring that features an insertable anal stimulator that can be inserted into the rectum, as shown below. This will allow for double penetration of the vagina and rectum while simultaneously stimulating the clitoris.

Combining Sex Toys Diagram

The second way to achieve a triple stimulating sex toy is to get a double vibrating ring and put it on a dildo to add clitoral and anal vibration stimulation. This will provide vaginal stimulation while simultaneously stimulating the clitoris and anus. 

Combining Sex Toys Diagram

Wand Sex Pillows

Sex pillows can feature a sex toy holder, making your sex pillow hands-free. They are called sex toy mounts. They can hold dildos, vibrators, prostate massagers, and masturbation sleeves. They are ideal for helping you to achieve various sex positions in addition to holding sex toys, giving them a dual purpose. They are especially good for people with mobility issues who have disabilities that benefit from added support in sexual positions and hands-free sex toys. To learn more about sex pillow toy mounts, please see our article: Using Sex Pillows To Enhance Sex.

Sex Toy Pillow MountsCreating A Larger Dildo

To create a larger dildo, you can put a penis extender sleeve over an existing dildo. This can add additional length and girth. 

Combining Sex Toys DiagramYou can also add penis extenders that have a vibrator on them or add a vibrating ring as well to create clitoral or perineum stimulation in addition to making it larger with a penis sleeve.

Combining Sex Toys DiagramCreating A Vibrating Dildo

To create a vibrating dildo from a hollow dildo, you can use a bullet vibrator and insert it into the bottom. Ensure that you consider the dimensions so that the vibrator you get adequately fills the base for maximum vibration. 

Combining Sex Toys DiagramCreating A Vibrating Masturbation Sleeve

Bullet vibrators can come with or without battery packs and be inserted into or used against masturbation sleeves. When you use these types of vibrators at the end of the masturbation sleeve, it provides added stimulation and can make masturbation even more enjoyable. Many of our customers love them and get the waterproof vibrators to use in and out of the shower. They can also be used directly on the penis, nipples, anus, and clitoris.

Combining Sex Toys DiagramIn Closing

There are many more ways to use sex toys together to achieve additional sexual stimulation. For example, you can use bumpers to shorten dildos if you are experiencing cervical pain during sex.

Whatever you choose, be careful to use sex toys properly so that you do not get a sex toy lost up the rectum or use a toxic sex toy. For more sex toy safety information, please see our related guides:

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