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The Benefits Of Sex Toys

Dr. Lisa Lawless

Dr. Lisa Lawless, CEO of Holistic Wisdom
Clinical Psychotherapist: Relationship & Sexual Health Expert

Sex Toys, Lubricants, Sex Toy Guide

The Pleasure Of Sex Toys

People find immense pleasure in utilizing sex toys in many ways. Imagine these not merely as sex toys but as tools for intimate connection, health, sexual accessibility, and conduits for improving psychological health.

In this guide, we will explore how sex toys can reduce stress and anxiety, increase communication between partners, and help deal with various sexual health issues. Through this lens, we can revolutionize our understanding of sexual wellness.

Let's first delve into why they bring so much pleasure:

  • Sex toys can make sexual efforts easier while maximizing pleasure and creativity.
  • They can allow one to perform sexual acts that may be difficult to sustain manually for long periods.
  • Sex toys can make foreplay, intercourse, or even post-coital moments fantastic.
  • They make an excellent substitute for when one is in between sexual relationships.

Sex Toys Enhance Partnerships

Couples that use sex toys both solo and together tend to have a strong level of open communication, trust, and unconditional love for their partners.

  • Sex toys allow partners to tap into creative, playful, and adventurous sex.
  • Trying new sexual endeavors relieves boredom and may lessen the likelihood of cheating while improving communication around sexual relations.
  • Sex toys enable faster and more efficient stimulation of the vagina and clitoris, thus aiding in keeping pace with the stimulation of a partner's penis, meaning one can orgasm more quickly.
  • They can reduce fatigue and cramping and give you less work and effort.
  • Using sex pillows like can significantly help with sex positions and reduce discomfort.
  • Sex toys can be beneficial when one partner desires sexual gratification and the other is unable or unwilling to participate. This allows the interested partner to experience sexual pleasure independently without requiring assistance from their significant other.
  • Sex toys can allow partners to have incredible phone or webcam sex with one another when they have a long-distance relationship or have to be separated for a while. With advancements in Bluetooth technology, app sex toys can be controlled anywhere globally, adding a new dimension to such intimate experiences.

Sex Toys For Health

Sex toys can enhance not only your sexual well-being but also contribute to your overall health in several ways. Here are some examples of how they can do so:

Enhances Specific Stimulation

In particular, sex toys can be used to enhance sexual pleasure and health in distinct areas of the body. Let's delve into these:

Clitoral Stimulation

Achieving orgasm through vaginal intercourse alone, without any form of clitoral stimulation, can be a challenging endeavor. It's like thinking it would be easy to achieve orgasm without stimulating the head of a penis. Though not impossible, it may demand increased effort and, for some, it may not be feasible.

Because most positions for vaginal intercourse do not provide sufficient stimulation to the head of the clitoris, vibrators can provide the extra stimulation needed to orgasm. Anyone who has used a vibrator will be able to tell you that they often induce some of the most intense and quickly achieved orgasms.

Most, if not all, new vibrators and powered sex toys have intensity adjustments to suit personal preferences and sensitivity. Frequently, a vibrator can facilitate an orgasm within minutes, making it an excellent foreplay initiator.

G-Spot Stimulation

Dildos come in many shapes, sizes, and materials. Some provide dual stimulation (clitoris and vagina), while others offer triple stimulation (clitoris, vagina, anal).

These can stimulate the clitoral legs that wrap around the inside of the vagina, the G-spot (Skene's glands), the sensitive opening on the inner labia minora, and in some cases, the cervix.

Anal Stimulation

Anal stimulation can be quite pleasurable for those who like a slight vibration around the anus to full penetration from an anal-safe dildo. Sex toys can greatly enhance prostate massage, making the process more enjoyable and effortless.

For more information, see our related guides on:

Penis & Testicle Stimulation

Sexual stimulation via sex toys to the penis, testicles, and chode can be quite an added bonus during oral sex, breast sex, and even just by itself.

Also, using erection rings, vibrators for the penis, and even masturbation sleeves and men's vibrators can enhance a man's sexual pleasure with or without a partner.

Nipple Stimulation

Nipple toys range from clamps, vibrators to suction and sucking sex toys. They can allow one to enjoy hands-free stimulation while engaging in sex with a partner or providing solo stimulation.

See our Nipple Toys & Nipple Stimulation Guide for more information.

Multiple Orgasms

Multiple orgasms are a series of orgasms that occur in quick succession without significant drops in arousal between them. They are not limited to any gender but are reported more frequently by people with vulvas.

Sex toys allow for a personal, intimate experience without pressure or expectation. Using them can help create a comfortable and stress-free environment where one's pleasure is the primary focus.

Furthermore, when someone knows what arouses them and uses their favorite sex toy(s), it can be easier to bring about maximum pleasure and potentially multiple orgasms. 

Because sex toys offer a variety of types of sexual stimulation that provide direct, intense, and persistent stimulation to erogenous zones, it may lead to more powerful and potentially multiple orgasms.

Enhancing Sex Positions

Sex toys allow for couples to not only stimulate one another in adventurous ways, but sex pillows allow couples to get into creative positions that provide deeper thrusting, less muscle strain, and fatigue as well as improved performance.

Vibrators can be used in a multitude of ways for external stimulation during penetrative sex to stimulate the clitoris, penis, nipples, or perineum. During oral sex, a vibrator can also stimulate the genitals.

Couples' Vibrators worn during penetrative sex can stimulate both partners simultaneously. These devices can enhance sex positions by adding simultaneous clitoral, G-spot, penis, or anal stimulation. They also allow partners to move in sync with the vibrations.

Penis rings (cock rings) fit snugly around the base of the penis, restricting blood flow, thus resulting in stronger, longer-lasting erections. Vibrating rings can stimulate the clitoris or the perineum during penetrative sex, adding another layer of pleasure to various sex positions.

Anal beads, butt plugs, and prostate massagers can be particularly pleasurable for individuals with a prostate, enhancing pleasure during solo or coupled play. They can provide added stimulation during various sex positions, increasing overall pleasure.

Dildos and strap-ons can open a world of sexual exploration for people of all genders and sexual orientations. For couples interested in pegging (anal sex with a strap-on) or those who have erectile dysfunction (ED) and want to provide penetrative sex, there are many options available. In addition, double-ended dildos can be used for mutual penetration, providing shared pleasure and various sexual position options.

Bondage toys that incorporating elements of BDSM can also enhance sex positions. For instance, using restraints can make positions more exciting and can heighten anticipation. Using blindfolds can increase other sensory experiences and add an element of surprise, enhancing the overall sexual experience.

Sex For Plus Sized Individuals & Couples

For individuals who are or have a plus-sized partner, there can be challenges in achieving sexual stimulation with one another in certain positions. When sexual positions that allow for better access to the genitals do not work, sex toys can be a helpful answer to difficulty in being flexible or accessing genitals.

Sex toys can make stimulating these areas more accessible and even make new sex positions possible, especially for those with difficulty reaching certain areas due to body size or shape.

They can allow people to take control of their pleasure and explore what they enjoy safely and comfortably. This can be particularly important for plus-size individuals who may have avoided sexual activities due to inaccessibility or sexual stigmatization.

See our helpful guide on Plus Size Sex Toys 

Increasing Pelvic Floor Muscle Strength

Kegel exercises can help tone, tighten, and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Everyone should do Kegel exercises as they help with sexual functioning and overall health, and you do not need sex toys to do it; however, they can increase the intensity and make the job more fun.

Toning these muscles supports the urethra, vagina, uterus, and rectum.
They help prevent urinary incontinence and improve sexual relations by strengthening pelvic floor control, which can increase sexual control and intensify orgasms.

Learn more through our guides below:

Sex With Disabilities

Whether you or your partner are disabled, consider what may be possible using sex toys. While it can sometimes be challenging to navigate sexual activities with certain disabilities, various sex toys can significantly enhance this area of life.

Sex toys can provide easier stimulation, versatility, and adaptability with less strenuous, hand-free, or ergonomic options, as well as specific features that can provide targeted stimulation in unique ways. In addition, sex toys can also help alleviate feelings of inadequacy or anxiety surrounding sexual performance and provide more empowered confidence.

To illustrate, we're delighted to share a breakthrough story from one of our clients, a gentleman with paralysis from the waist down. By employing the Hitachi Magic Wand, he achieved ejaculation, a feat he had not experienced in seven years. Despite lacking sensory perception, his body reacted positively. With newfound hope, he anticipates a new journey toward parenthood.

Explore common mobility issues and disabilities that may affect sexual performance and the solutions to help make sex more easily enjoyed without pain and discomfort through our helpful guide: Sex, Mobility Issues & Disabilities

In Closing

Sex toys are not necessary to have great sex with yourself or your partner, but they can offer increased pleasure, creativity, and even sexual health solutions when used.

That said, sex toys can certainly amplify sexual experiences and provide accessibility by adding a different kind of stimulation, breaking the monotony, and making sexual exploration more enjoyable and creative. They can facilitate a better understanding of one's own body and preferences and enhance intimacy with a partner.

Additionally, sex toys can be instrumental in sexual health and sexual rehabilitation therapy, helping individuals regain sexual function after medical procedures or with health conditions.

Make Sure To Buy From A Reputable And Authorized Dealer

The sex toy market is flush with a wide variety of sex toys, so it is essential to make purchases from reputable and authorized dealers. This is because sex toys come into contact with sensitive body areas, and the materials used in their production should be body-safe.

Reputable dealers typically offer phthalate-free products made from medical-grade silicone, glass, stainless steel, or other non-toxic materials that are easy to clean and safe to use.

Moreover, buying from a reputable dealer typically means getting accurate information about the product, its care, and use. Such information can enhance the user experience and ensure the product's longevity.

Learn why that is so important through our Toxic Sex Toy Guide.

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