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Vaginal Sex Techniques

Dr. Lisa Lawless

Dr. Lisa Lawless, CEO of Holistic Wisdom
Clinical Psychotherapist: Relationship & Sexual Health Expert

Flower, Vaginal Sex TechniquesVaginal Intercourse Tips

Whether you are penetrating the vagina with a penis or dildo, there are essential tips that will allow you and your lover to better enjoy stimulating the beautiful goddess flower. Before we review information on vaginal sex, if you are not educated regarding basic female anatomy, we have some helpful guides below that will take you through the essential equipment that women have and how to best stimulate it.

Diagram Of The Vulva

Clitoral Stimulation During Sex

All orgasms in women come from the clitoris, so it is imperative to understand that stimulation to it is typically required for a woman to have an orgasm. However, many people do not understand the clitoris, so let's first review the full clitoral structure.

Diagram Of The Clitoris

As you can see, the clitoris has legs that wrap around the inside of the vagina. The only part of the clitoris that you see is the head. The head of the clitoris is like the head of the penis, so even though stimulating the legs of the clitoris inside the vagina feels good, stimulating the head of the clitoris is typically required for a woman to climax.

The Importance Of The Clitoral Head

If you are a man reading this, then it will be straightforward for you to understand if you think about having sexual contact with a partner but not having the head of your penis stimulated. It is essentially the same thing when it comes to the clitoris for a woman and why it is so essential for it to be stimulated for most women to achieve orgasm.

While having intercourse, you can use your fingers to stimulate the clitoris. For more information on fingering techniques see our Fingering Tips For The Vagina Guide.

You may also want to review the following:

Clitoral Orgasm Before Penetration

You may want to try providing direct stimulation to the clitoral head and having a woman orgasm before being penetrated. It may make having a second orgasm from penetration easier because the clitoris, vulva, vagina, and female prostate will all be engorged and fully aroused, making her more sensitive and able to orgasm again. At the very least, it can make penetration even more pleasurable because she is so sexually stimulated.

Sexual Positions

You can also choose a position for her to stimulate her clitoris against your pubic bone. Many women find this highly stimulating. Sexual positions where her legs are spread wide allow her to open her labia enough to press and easily massage her clitoris against a partner's pubic bone. See related guides:

Clitoral Vibrators & Air Pulse Toys

In addition, vibrators and air pulse sex toys can be used for such stimulation in any position and are highly effective. They offer easy and highly stimulating pleasure and can also increase her sex drive and desire for sex as it stimulates additional blood flow to the clitoris. This, in turn, creates increased awareness of sexual arousal even when she is not having sex. If you are interested in learning more about vibrators see our related guides:

G-spot Stimulation During Sex

Most women are not able to have an orgasm from sexual intercourse alone. Clitoral stimulation is vital; however, stimulating the G-spot can stimulate some women enough to climax. The reason for this is that the G-spot is connected to the clitoris.

Diagram Of The G-spot

The G-spot is an area in the vagina where the clitoral legs and female prostate are interconnected. Stimulation to the clitoral legs can provide pleasure and arousal when stimulated, filling the female prostate with prostate fluid known as female ejaculation.

Pressure into the G-spot by a penis or sex toy is more stimulating than rubbing against it. Creating this pressure is easily adjusted through positioning regardless of the size and shape of one's penis. Thus, the angle of the finger, penis, or sex toy is essential so that it is not just simply grazing the G-spot but pushing into it. This is why G-spot sex toys have curves.

G-spot Sex Toy Shapes

Penis Size Concerns

For those men concerned about the size of your penis, you will be happy to know that a woman's ability to have an orgasm is not directly linked to the size of your penis. Thus, the angle of sexual intercourse with pressure into the G-spot and stimulation to the head of the clitoris is what is most critical. Sex pillows can assist couples in achieving comfortable and optimal sexual positions by raising the pelvis upward. See our guide: Using Sex Pillows To Enhance Sex.

Different Partners Are Different Shapes & Sizes

Everyone is shaped slightly differently; some women's G-spots are higher or more angled than others, while some men's penises are more curved or longer than others. These physical factors, along with personal preferences, are why sexual techniques may need to differ with each partner you have. Communication with your partner about sex is essential for great sex. For tips on talking about sex with your partner, please see our Sex & Communication Guide For Partners.

In addition, some people have mobility issues, chronic illnesses, medication effects, and disabilities that can impact sexual needs and preferences. For more information about this, please see our related guides:

Erectile Dysfunction

Men who experience erectile dysfunction may still enjoy vaginal intercourse through various options. Please see our related guides for more information:

Lubricants for Vaginal Sex

Lubricants can enhance both vaginal and anal sex. Even when there is vaginal lubrication, using lubricants can be helpful to reduce friction, tearing and, in some cases, through stimulating lubricants, provide added stimulation. Please see our related guides for more insights:

Sex Toys For Couples During Intercourse

There are a variety of couples' sex toys and vibrators from which to choose that are specifically effective during intercourse. If you are interested, make sure to see our Couples Sex Toys For Intercourse Guide.

In Closing

No matter what sex positions, sex toys, sexual techniques, to utilize during vaginal intercourse, the most important things are to relax, communicate with one another, and enjoy. For tips on how to improve intimacy, make sure to see our Improving Relationships Guide.

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