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Erotic Stories

  • man behind woman in lingerie, erotic story, navy reunion

    Home From The Navy

    This true sex story is about a Navy man that visits his girlfriend after forty-five days of not seeing her and the incredible sex they have during their reunion.
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  • nude woman on beach, cuckold story

    Nude Beach & Cuckold Sex

    A true cuckold sex story of a man whose attraction for a woman on a nude beach leads him into exciting cuckold sex with a woman as her husband watches.
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  • woman standing in lingerie in front of man, true cuckold story

    Cuckold Story & Threesome

    A couple decides to share their true cuckold story when the husband's friend is invited to have sex with his wife while he watches him have sex with her.
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  • Man and woman talking in nightclub, erotic story

    Nightclub Sex

    This sex story is about a woman looking for sexual excitement when her friends take her out to a night club. A scintillating tale of sexual exploration.
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  • man and woman in shower, erotic story, shower sex

    A Wet Evening In The Shower

    Based on a true story, a woman surprises her husband while he is taking a shower and explores all the fun of the hot water drizzling down their bodies as they explore some sensual shower sex.
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  • woman standing in shadows, erotic story, call girl

    The Aging Call Girl

    This erotic story about an aging call girl feels as though her professional life has taken its toll on her until she meets Alex, who introduces her to a world of sexual beauty and excitement.
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  • man pouring champagne on woman's back in bed, erotic story, hotel sex

    Kelsey & Her Hotel Sex

    In this sexy and erotic story, a woman who is tired of the mundane explores BDSM role play with her husband to spice things up as they spend time spicing things through bondage sex.
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  • two woman kissing, Lesbian Story

    Her New Experience: A Lesbian Story

    This erotic lesbian story unfolds as a woman caring for her friend with a broken leg, finds herself sexually aroused while putting lotion on her leg around her cast. To her surprise, so is her friend.
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  • lips lingering for kiss, erotic story, first kiss

    First Kiss

    An eighteen-year-old woman can't take her eyes off her sexy former classmate of hers as he joins her church group. With some flirtatious encounters, the two begin a wild tryst with daring public sex.
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  • Sexy woman, looking out city apartment window, erotic story, voyeur Sex

    Voyeur Sex

    This sex story is about a man looking out his apartment window sees a sexy woman using a dildo as she is watching herself in the mirror. He can't turn his eyes away, and an unusual twist in the story occurs.
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  • man with woman putting her hands down his pants, sexual adventures story

    The Sexual Adventures of Fern

    Explore the erotic life of Fern as she has sexual exploits with a gigolo, an older businessman, and a burly man at a Thanksgiving Party that eventually lets her know where she stands.
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  • young love, man and woman holding hands, first sexual experience story

    His First Sexual Experience

    His First Sexual Experience is an erotic coming of age story that explores when a young man is new to a woman's body and explores it sexually for the first time.
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  • woman's leg with soap in shower, erotic story masturbating in shower

    Masturbating In The Shower

    This true erotic story was submitted by one of our customers who describes herself masturbating in the shower as she fantasizes about her love and how she makes it come true.
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  • woman and man dancing, erotic story, sex with stranger

    Sex With A Stranger

    Jessica ventures into a bar for a night of fun and meets a handsome stranger with whom she explores the pleasure of public sex and sex with a stranger.
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  • Man and woman kissing in sunlight, erotic story, first time, losing virginity

    My First Time

    A young man is taking a cruise in the summertime and explores Scotland. He loses his virginity and has a sexual story that will forever be remembered.
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  • woman masturbating on bed with vibrator, erotic story, roommate

    Roommate Sex

    This sexy erotic story finds a man that lives with a new, beautiful roommate. One night he hears her using a vibrator through the wall, and shortly after, she goes to his room.
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  • man and woman making out, christmas lights, erotic story, new years eve

    New Year's Eve Sex

    This erotic story occurs when a couple takes a road trip to the tropics for New Year's Eve. As the festivities that night begin, so does a wild sexual evening.
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  • man and woman undressing, erotic story, business trip

    Business Trip Reunion

    A businessman returns home from a London business trip and enjoys a night of passion with his lover. A descriptive review of sex acts with an emphasis on oral sex.
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  • man and woman kissing in snow, erotic story, ski lodge vacation

    Ski Lodge Vacation

    An erotic story about a couple whose visit to a trip to a ski lodge features a sexual buffet of fun together to keep them warm the whole night through.
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  • women kissing, lesbian erotic story

    The Mall

    This lesbian erotic story takes place in a mall when a woman goes bra shopping. She finds the saleswoman to be quite flirtatious with her and is attracted to her as well.
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  • man and woman kissing in shower, erotic story, shower sex

    Shower Sex

    A man is mesmerized by watching his lover in the shower as she washes her beautiful body. He joins her only to begin pleasuring her and making her orgasm until she is dripping wet.
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  • woman's behind with skirt raised up, erotic story, college professor

    The College Professor

    In this erotic story, a beautiful college girl falls for her older professor. She begins a steamy relationship with him, where a hot and sexy exploration of desire and passion begins.
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  • couple having sex on bed, erotic story, erotica


    This sexy tale takes you through a lovemaking session from start to finish with erotic details that will drive you wild with excitement. Enjoy this erotic story of connection and physical pleasure.
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  • Black, older couple smiling, erotic story, senior sex

    Senior Sex Story

    A couple in their 50's are tired of the same old humdrum routine and head out for an evening away. They head to a hotel and watch an erotic movie, and that is when things heat up into a very sexy evening for both of them.
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  • male professor with female student, teacher sex, erotic story

    Teacher Sex

    This erotic story has a surprise twist and begins with two teachers who work together. One is a beautiful new teacher; the other is a handsome seasoned man.
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  • couple over 50 on bed, erotic story, sex over 50

    Hot Sex After 50

    A woman in her 50's who runs errands and encounters a handsome man at the natural foods store; a conversation begins and leads to an erotic evening in this erotic story.
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  • couple filming themselves having sex on smartphone, amateur porn story

    Amateur Porn Story

    A young married couple enjoys filming themselves having sex and watching amateur porn. They learn a porn agency is looking for content, so she performs with two other men in a threesome.
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  • two women on man, erotic story, Love Triangle

    Love Triangle

    In this love triangle sex story, a bisexual woman develops a crush on a married woman and, to her surprise, discovers that she is not alone in her feelings.
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  • Woman's hands on man's abs, erotic story, group sex

    Group Sex

    A husband tags along on a girls' weekend at their lake cabin. His wife and girlfriends decide to enjoy his manhood in group sex.
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  • man and woman kissing in park, erotic story, sex in the park

    Sex In The Park

    Two lovers meet in the park in the late hours of the night to enjoy a sexual rendezvous. This erotic story explores a woman who describes her sexual enjoyment in public sex.
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  • Man with woman taking his jeans off, erotic sex study

    Sex Study

    In this erotic story, a man goes on a Cape Cod vacation, enjoying a swim in the nude. He encounters a young woman doing a sex study—a sexual encounter ensues.
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  • Man taking off woman's panties, erotic story, love of life

    Love Of His Life

    A man details how he lost his virginity, was cheated on, and then had a sexual encounter with a woman who would soon become the love of his life.
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  • woman and man kissing, free erotic story

    Sexual Release

    In this sexy erotic story, a woman describes her male lover's sexual advances in great detail, which soon leads to an all-out amazing sexual release for both of them.
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  • man and woman laying in bed, erotic story, afternoon delight

    Afternoon Delight

    In the late afternoon, a man napping in his lover's arms is surprised when his lover amorously wakes him up by soft caressing him. Enjoy this sexy story as the fun details emerge of sweet afternoon delight.
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  • woman lying in lingerie, erotic story, travel sex

    Travel & Sex

    This erotic story details a young man traveling abroad. He first meets a woman whom he describes as a Norse goddess from Copenhagen while visiting London.
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  • stamp of Marilyn Monroe, Ghost Sex Story

    Marilyn's Ghost

    This ghost sex story is about a man visited by the ghost of Marilyn Monroe. As soon as the story begins, the reader is taken by the man's belief that Marilyn perhaps really did visit him in spirit.
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  • lesbians kissing, closeup of lips, Erotic Lesbian Story

    Erotic Lesbian Story

    This erotic lesbian story is about two beautiful women who have a delightful and sexy evening as they enjoy a sensual night at a Lake House.
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  • woman dressed as bdsm mistress, bondage story

    The Mistress

    An erotic story of a submissive man who enjoys bondage role-playing with his dominant mistress partner. For those that enjoyed Fifty Shades of Grey, this is a nice role reversal story to delight your sexual curiosity.
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  • doctor massaging nude woman, erotic story, threesome

    The Chiropractor & The Threesome

    This real threesome story features a couple in their 40's who find themselves in a sexual rut. After a car accident leaves the wife needing to see a chiropractor, a sexual attraction becomes evident, and a threesome occurs.
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  • woman straddling man, sexual, erotic story, reunion sex

    Erotic Reunion

    This erotic reunion story has Emma sitting in her chair dreaming of the day she would soon kiss his lips again. She longed for the way his mouth caressed hers so gently, to feel the warmth of his hands on her aching breasts.
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  • Man having sex with woman, widow sex story

    A Widow's New Sex Life

    In this erotic story, a newly widowed middle-aged woman seeks out new adventures such as the Opera, where she meets a handsome man who opens up a new, sexual world.
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  • Cabin by stream, erotic story, cabin sex

    Cabin Sex In Canada

    A sexy tale of a couple that stays at a friend's remote cabin for a week in Canada. In this free erotic story, the wild things are not just outside, instead the cabin sex makes it wild in the inside as well!
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  • woman sunbathing, neighbor, sex story

    My Sexy Neighbor

    This free erotic story is about seriously sexy neighbor sex when a man sees his hot female neighbor sunbathing topless. Things take an erotic turn when she asks him one day to help her install her television.

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  • Man having sex with woman in office, erotic story, workplace romance

    Workplace Sex Story

    A man is enamored with his sexy secretary, who oozes sexuality. Explore this workplace romance, which delves into some hot a heavy sex.
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  • woman laying on floor in college, Erotic story, college sex, virginity

    His Sexy College Tutor

    A young man describes losing his virginity with a young college girl who tutors him in more ways than one. Their relationship takes a turn for the erotic as they explore wild, college sex.
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  • man and woman spooning in bed, First Time Sex Story

    First Time Sex Story

    In this first-time sex story, an 18-year-old couple in high school explores their sexuality with one another. These are their impressions of sex and the pleasure they experienced with one another.
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  • two men and one woman walking on beach, real Threesome story

    Threesome At The Beach

    A real threesome story begins with a couple that decides to go to the beach for a little vacation. When a friend of her husband comes, things turn hot very quickly.
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  • women by campfire, erotic story. Lesbian Camping Sex

    The Ladies Have Camping Sex

    In this arousing sex story, two couples go to a campsite regularly to enjoy the outdoors. One night after the men had drifted off to sleep in their tents, the two women left alone outside discover an attraction for one another that leads to a rather erotic evening.
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  • Sexy Secretary

    The Sexy Secretary

    A recently divorced man recalls his unrealized feelings toward his sexy secretary years ago in this erotic story. He decides to contact her and see if there is a chance that they could reconnect and a sexy story unfolds.
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  • Fireplace, glass of wine, erotic story, Lover's Reunion

    Lover's Reunion

    In this lover's reunion, the sexual tension is palpable the moment she steps off the train. A romantic evening inspires this scintillating tale of a reunion that is long overdue.
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  • Man on top of woman missionary position, erotic story, After The Affair

    After The Affair

    His wife has an affair with her boss, and their marriage is strained until he is almost killed in a car accident. Through his recovery, there is a sexual re-awakening in their marriage. Will it be enough?
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  • Beautiful woman, Ghost Sex Story

    Ghost Sex Story

    A paranormal, ghost sex story where man is to provide technical support in a very remote area and checks into an old hotel where he has a sexual encounter with a woman named the Countess.
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  • BDSM story Dominatrix

    The BDSM Caretaker

    A young man moves in with his disabled Aunt for a short while and finds the caretaker is absolutely stunning. However, she seems quire sexually reserved until one night; he discovers that she is a wild woman who loves sex and is quite involved in the BDSM community.
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  • Man and woman silhouette kissing, older woman erotic story

    My Older Woman Sex Story

    A true erotic story of a 26-year-old man in college who finds himself having flirtatious exchanges with a very sexy fellow student in her forties. She invites him over for a bit of tutoring after class one day, and that is when things get very steamy.
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  • sensual hand on back, erotic story, Two Trans Women, Amazing Sex

    Two Trans Women And Amazing Sex

    This is a true story about a young trans woman who is in a band playing a gig in San Francisco and is approached by one of his trans female groupies. He decides to hook up with her, and a night of sexual excitement ensues.
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  • black man embracing white woman, Making Love erotic story

    A Glimpse Into Making Love

    This is a lovely erotic story told of a young interracial couple as they have a romantic and highly erotic evening of wild sex and pleasure. The story is told in the style of a romance novel, but the x-rated details make it difficult to stop reading.
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  • Woman and man embracing in theatre, public sex story

    Public Sex Escape

    A sensually erotic story of a man and woman taking in a show at the theater when some casual touching lends itself to arousal. The man walks away to masturbate, and she later joins him.
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  • sexy blonde woman at bar, Business Trip Sex story

    Business Trip Sex

    While on a trip, a businessman decides to have dinner in a small diner and is attracted to a beautiful woman seated next to him. A bit of flirtation quickly leads to an erotic evening that neither will soon forget.
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  • woman taking man's pants off in lingerie on bed, erotic story, The Business Trip Sex Reunion

    The Business Trip Sex Reunion

    A woman describes her excitement to pick up her husband, who has been away on business. As they are reunited, and on the way home from the airport, the seduction begins, and a sensual evening ensues.
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  • Couple silhouette, kissing, Married Sex Love Triangle

    Married Sex Love Triangle

    A well written and dramatic erotic story opens of a husband and wife enjoying oral sex in bed only to follow with a mysterious disappearance and a love triangle that will leave the reader wondering what will happen until the very end.
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  • Fancy Restaurant, BDSM Fantasy Dinner

    BDSM Fantasy Dinner

    A strange, obscure, BDSM toned, erotic story describing a sexual flirtation between a woman, her waiter, and date. Sexual submission and dominating tones throughout.
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